Pets must be taken care of and they must look good. They are our friends and they need special attention. The nails should be cut regularly and the fur must look its best, shinny and clean. A well groomed dog or cat, is actually a healthy one. Pets know that grooming is important and this is why they have a personal grooming program and technique. The dogs will sometimes roll on the mat so that it will untangle the fur. The cats like to spend a lot of time licking their fur and making all look pretty.

This article will help you get the right technique on how to groom the pet.

The first advice is to be touchy. The pet struggles and you need to hold it so that you can handle it properly. So you need to handle the pet as touchy as you want, for all the time you are grooming it. This means touching the feet, the ears, the tail or the back. The second advice is to keep it short and friendly. The pet may not be used to grooming, especially if you are doing that for the first time. This is why you do not want to scare him. Do not be aggressive, only be gentile and talk to the pet all the time. You need to keep the grooming under 10 minutes so that the pet does not loose patient. Attention is the primary focus.

Then you need to let the pet know that you admire the fact that it is staying there and accepts to be groomed. Pets like to hear praises and you have to speak to your pet. Show the pet that you love it and it will be more cooperative.

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