Tips For Attending Parties & Social Gatherings


Not all of us have the gift to attend parties or social gatherings and be a part of the event. Quite frankly we would rather avoid them and get on with something we consider more valuable to our lives. Unfortunately there are times when this is unavoidable. Whether it is a family occasion, a friend’s party, a business meeting, a group on the internet, or anything sociable for that matter there are certain guidelines that can help us become a part of the group without putting too much pressure on ourselves.

1. There is no pressure to talk to anyone
Bizarre as this might sound the first rule of mixing in a social gathering is to never have the pressure of talking to anyone. Choosing to talk to others should come naturally and should be by choice. If you are already feeling the pressure of talking to people then you would find it hard to attend the next social event. The most important thing is being part of the event. Whether you go home without saying a single word to anyone, the victory lies in attending the event. The truth is unless you hide behind a thick wall of steel someone would talk to you. It is the nature of things. There is always someone, anyone, that has come to that party solely for someone like you. Their job is to seek you out and make you feel at ease. They would find you in your hiding place and talk to you. The most important thing is attending the event.

2. Be yourself
Most people welcome honesty. Never be deceived by how people look, whether it is by their mannerism or clothes. They always feel the same as you do and feel the pressure of being amongst so many people. For those who are naturally sociable there is the added pressure of entertaining and constantly being the center of attention. For the wise types in the background, there is the pressure of making the clever comment now and again and thinking up something witty to say. It’s no easy either for the joker, they have got to be funny else their being there is a waste of time. The organizer wishes everything to go smoothly and that everyone has a great time. Even those who can start a conversation easily wish that others would listen and show interest else they feel rebuked. As you can see everyone has some kind of pressure to deal with. Being yourself is important because whether you are liked or disliked you must be accepted for whom you are and not what people want you to be. This rule enables you to go home feeling satisfied with yourself and the event be it good or bad.

3. Bring a friend If attending a social function is really not your thing and it causes you stress, take a friend. You will be surprised how many people will jump at coming with you as some people find this sort of socialising second nature maybe just as you find reading a book second nature to you! In 2020, you can also hire a social escort to attend the event with you with no strings attached. This occurs more often than you think and they are true professionals at blending in and keeping your secret safe that you have dialled a date for the night.